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Do you need help starting or growing your business? Please  complete the request form below. Tell us about your business and how we can help. Our platform will pair you with the right mentor based on your business question

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Data Privacy

The CsuiteXchange Limited takes your privacy seriously and will keep your personal information private and secure. By submitting this form, you agree to CsuiteXchange Limited using your information in order to populate online Available Mentors Spreadsheet, which serves to our Mentees as pool of Mentors they can chose from.

For more information see the Privacy Policy.

I have read and understood the information given here about the mentor program.

1. That all the information I wrote is true and will be used when selecting a mentor for me.

2. That during the matching process, that information on this form can be shared with our mentors. 

3. That being matched with my mentor fitting all my preferences and/or criteria cannot be 100% guaranteed.

4. That if there are any reasons that I cannot continue in this program, I will notify my Mentor and the Mentor Program Coordinator.

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