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I understand that the Csuite Xchange Limited has developed the Mentor Match program (“Program”) for educational purposes only. I also understand that any views expressed by mentors are not necessarily those of Csuite Xchange Limited; are not intended to represent the only, or necessarily the best, method or procedure appropriate for the medical situations discussed; and are not intended to replace, and do not replace, the considered judgment of a treating physician with respect to his or her patients. I am aware that a mentor’s interest in a product or service may influence his or her perspective.

As a condition of my voluntary participation in the Program, I agree to waive any claim I may have against Csuite Xchange Limited, its Executive Council, staff and members, as well as any claim I may have against my assigned mentor, for reliance on information provided to me in connection with the Program. I hereby release each of them from and against any and all liability for any claim, injury or other damages that may arise out of the use or operation of any ideas, instructions, procedures, products, services, or methods that my mentor and I may discuss.

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