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Executive Interview
Maurice Healy
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Maurice Healy
The Healy Group

Healy Group are a global solutions-driven supplier of high-quality food ingredients, ingredient blends, raw materials and nutraceuticals. We distribute from our sites in Ireland, the UK, China and the Netherlands.

Publish Date: 
10 June 2020
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Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

The company was established 1985 following my employers failed restructuring. Ireland was growing its presence in the food market in Europe and I say an opportunity. Many new companies were being established to meet new demand in the Food Sector.

What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?

Our ability to innovate and bring new ideas and new products to meet increasing demand for food that are free from sugar and salt. Growing our technical capacity with highly experienced people from a variety of backgrounds including Marketing.

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

As sales agents for large manufacturers from many counties we use their resources to position our products. Our innovation centres become the Bridge between users and suppliers. We have added our own capacity by building factories to produce new Vegetable Proteins.

How has the industry been changing in recent years?

Consumers are much more aware of their Health so their have moved their habits to Clean Label foods. This is central to our Proposition to our clients.

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

We have a young talented Team who spend the majority of their time working in the factories of our customers therefore we are seen as an extension to them. We also offer our Innovation Centres as a place away from our clients place of work free to think and work without interruption with the most up to date equipment.

What does the future hold for your company?

As a family business with my sons active as executive level we need to grow our markets so Asia is central. We also look at Africa as an emerging market and we have built a new Chia Seed factory in Uganda.

Product innovation is also essential and we may look to acquisitions to assist that growth.


Maurice Healy

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