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Executive Interview
Dasrul Chaniago
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Dasrul Chaniago
Majoris Asset Management
Co Founder

Majoris Asset Management (“Majoris”) is an Investment Management Company registered and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (“OJK”), and hold a license as Investment Manager based on the Decree of OJK Board of Commissioners No: KEP-60/D.04/2015 dated 27 Oktober 2015.


Majoris's business activities are investment management services through Mutual Fund, Discretionary Fund, Limited Participation Mutual Fund (RDPT), Real Estate Investment Trust, and other products in accordance with the provisions stipulated by OJK. Majoris resides in Menara DEA II 3rd Floor, Unit 303, Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E4.3 No.1-2, Jakarta Selatan 12950, Indonesia.


Along with Majoris, I also founded an investment company called Barid. With its talented professionals, Barid offers various wealth management and financial services including hedge fund, financial research, and investment banking service. The company focuses on managing client investment in global markets across continents US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Publish Date: 
25 July 2022

Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

I worked in various sectors of industry, finance, and consultancy for 25 years. I started my career as an auditor at Deloitte in 1996, and then joined Philip Morris as a Planning and Budgeting Manager. Eventually I advanced my career to C-level management in various companies. Aside from Indonesia, I had experience working in several countries, including the United States, Thailand, East Timor and the Philippines during 2001-2013. My previous roles include Regional Asia Director for Internews, Senior Finance Director at GlaxoSmithKline and CFO at GE. I left my professional career and founded Majoris Asset Management in mid 2015. I have experience in financial restructuring, IPO, project finance, acquisition, project implementation, financial management, and financial planning.


At Majoris, I am managing a total portfolio of US$110 million, invested in various financial instruments such stocks, bonds, notes, and money market funds.


Aside from Majoris, I am also a President Commissioner at McMillan Advisory and Chairman of CFO Club Indonesia, an association of finance executives in Indonesia across multi sectors such as Banking, Mining, Commodity, Property, Consumer products, Basic Materials etc.


I graduated from Syiah Kuala University majoring in Accounting and hold a Master degree in Business Administration from University of Applied Sciences – Jena, Germany.

What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?

" One of the world leading and best performing fund managers investing in multiple assets globally."


To build our company as a trusted partner for our clients and a respected leader in the capital market, covering Indonesia and globally through our hedge funds.


With a combination of years of founders experience and great talents, we offer our client three investment approaches - solid fundamental universe, deepening and thorough analysis - and we only invest in super liquid assets. This will deliver an optimum outcome of our investment that leading to trust and great partnership from our investors

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

At Majoris, we offer our service as fund manager to our clients and invest in various financial instruments including money market, fixed income, equity, balance fund and capital protected fund (CPF). We also take mandate a discretionary fund.

How has the industry been changing in recent years?

The financial services industry has been undergoing significant change in recent years. Changes include the way services are provided, the instruments used to provide services, and the nature of the financial service providers. Factors driving these changes include technological developments, the changing role of competition, and regulations. These changes raise challenges for the financial services industry. Among the most important are determining what services and products to offer as well as strategy to implement to grow business. With the evolution in the financial services industry, policymakers and regulators also face challenges: the relative use of disclosure and market discipline versus direct supervision; the potential role of functional regulation; the role of non-regulated financial service providers; changes in the current supervisory process; cross-border transactions; and the impact of new developments on the legislative framework governing financial service providers

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

Our talent and our grit makes us different from the market. People can always come with 1001 reasons and approach in the financial market, but without grit and discipline, set us ahead of many of our competitors. Other than that, we always speak based on performance and data, our result of approach gave us space in this crowded financial market.

What does the future hold for your company?

Simple words, growing and expanding. Both Majoris and Barid are in rapid growth in their product portfolio investment as well as number of investors. Majoris retail investor grew from sub 10k pre-covid to 295k as per June 2022 and we are targeting 500k retail investor by end of year. Barid consistently delivers steady performance of its global hedge fund with monthly return ranging 2%-3% aligns with our yearly target of 30%. We keep sharpening our technology and investment strategy to ensure optimum values are met and deliver to our investors


Dasrul Chaniago

Supplementary Information

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