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Executive Interview
Victor Lau
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Victor Lau
Good Faith CPA Firm Company Limited
Managing Director
Publish Date: 
16 October 2019
Hong Kong

Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

Good Faith CPA firm Company Limited and Good Faith Asset Management Company Limited (''Good Faith'') was founded by an experienced Certified Public Accountants (''eCPA''). With 15 years experience, eCPA have assisted over 1,000 companies including listed companies, small and medium sized Enterprises, ​one-man and family businesses in respect of services including accounting, auditing, taxation, company operation and internal control, finance, due diligence review, statutory document, company/group structure formation and financial statements.


Internet has come to this century, traditional accounting/audit firm may not satisfy the true needs of client/customer. Whatever you are going to start up a business or already a boss of any enterprises, all you are facing is new challenges. It should be a trend for professional services with diversified and personalized direction on both individual and corporate level. Therefore, Good Faith is being a pioneer to provide such services with emphasis on customer satisfaction. We serve as your personal planner and deliver considerable and valuable services on both individual and corporate level.

What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?

To business venture: We hope to enhance the chance of successful for business venture by solving those annoying and administrative matters so that the business venture is able to concentrate on their business, marketing, product or service. T​herefore, business venture wins under keep competition in recent economic environment.


To entrepreneur: We hope to asisst client to achieve wealth accumulation, step by step, by using our professional services on both individual and corporate level include wealth management, tax planning, merger and acquisition, go public, marketing and promotion, internal control and other effective solutions.


To investor: If you have 5 millioins US dollar, you may invest in real estate, stock market, gold, investment funds, foreign exchange, insurance and other ​financial products, real business etc. However, every investors have their own risk burden, expected return and interest and therefore we shall understand what investors need and target so as to give professional advice.

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

Through our unique, personalised and professional services, we hope to assist customer to achieve wealth accumulation, even over-achievement of w​hat customer expects. Why we hope customer is to be so successful? It's simply to say that we can only be successful upon customer's successful!

How has the industry been changing in recent years?

Extensive use of IT in assisting completion of workpapers

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

Possess various license including Certified Public Accountants (Practising), Registered Financial Planner, Licensed property agent (corporate and indiviudual)


Founder President of BNI (Legacy)

What does the future hold for your company?

Diversified services and products which are suitable for individual/corporate over the world.


Victor Lau

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