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Executive Interview
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Thaumazo Solutions & Thaumazo EXpress Transport Solutions

Thaumazo Solutions takes the advantage of using the most reliable and yet cost saving system, believed to be technology wise which may be required by every business to enhance its facilities in supporting business in different parts of the world. We are committed to deliver our best to companies in Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries we may be of service.


Our service covers all marketing tools that every company need to stay and keep up in this very competitive world of business.


Thaumazo is serious in creating good result for clients who engaged our service, we clearly work with people with past or most suitable previous experience similar to the project they are well trained. Although, apart from being experienced, a standard training is given to every personnel going on-board to set off the standards what Thaumazo has believed in. All trainings aimed to prepare, mentor, and inspire the practical and important role they will play as they partake working in any project. It is part of our standard that no personnel will be deployed without completing the standard training given to every CSR prior to their product knowledge and working on the project.


The company helps every business translate its goal and processes into professional touch using the power of technology reaching a greater numbers of customers. Every business has its good reason and mission why they exists, however, it will not make any difference no matter how good a business is if the target customer does not know they exist.



Publish Date: 
19 January 2021

Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

During my employment - I was able do and fulfill the work of the most difficult job from Ground Marketing to Factory Worker since high school into becoming a Company Support - Encoder to Operations Auditing and Contracts Specialist dealing with contracting which supports the Outsourcing Section. It aims either to lower down the costs of the company's expense and lessen every avenue of company exposure due to risk of consistent employment need.


I have have come to think about - how small entrepreneurs and big companies grow their company, and that is through the back office support provided to them.


That 15-years work locally and internally have fully grown my perspective in providing support. I was able to make use of every little detail of my experience to lead more numbers of people.


When the AI came to the picture, a lot of speculation about human being replaced by AI, then I thought of the path - which among those taks are replaceable and which ones are not, then there I realize, the work of the human touch that will always be needed would be the combination of the technology and human.


When the latter is combined together - I see the beauty of it and believe on being profitable and yet compassionate in a way - that as an entrepreneur, we all wanted to generate profit, and at the same time we all believe that generating job is an advocacy. I think this is one good reason why most leaders chose to become entrepreneur to deliver a more than 12-hours of thinking and executing process which is the opposite of what we dreamt of when we were still employed.


So I tried my best to make use of what is current and what is helpful.


This is where the business model of TEXTS came in through the approaches of Thaumazo Solutions. Outsourcing combining what IT can do to leverage.



What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?

One of the most important asset of the company is the people, I have one common denominator on these question - "Why it did not materialize" to "How I was able to Make it" it will always boil down to people.


Having said that - Core Values that shapens the "culture, behavior of my team towards fulfilling tasks that will delight customers of the past and customers of the future. It is important to me as a leader to give focus on this one and value it as a fuels that drives the smallest and biggest vision that I ever had that is designed to make the business move forward.

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

Our service helps every businesses supports its goal to grow - if they are into any business and they will require assistance in Virtual Support, Digital Ads, Tech Support, our team will be able to provide this through our pipeline. We are supporting their goals with high sensitivity on the cost effective approach of Outsourcing Formula helping businesses achieve its goal for growth and sustainability.


It is either we bridge the gap of Entrepreneur through Outsourced Human Support or we bridge the gap of what is needed daily "to move things around from one place to another" through the combination of two things - technology and human touch.



How has the industry been changing in recent years?

In the same manner the Outsourcing Formula is being understood by many entrepreneurs as alternative in running and developing their business.


I think - this pandemic have even made them realize more how this formula can be effective yesterday and to continue shining for tomorrow.


The same approach was also consider when TEXTS Business Model is designed in the field of logistics rooted from what Thaumazo Solutions sees itself.

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

I am humbly saying make sure everyone understood that this is not the first in the market and definitely not going to be the last, but since I mentioned that we value the work of the human and believe that we can be profitable and yet compassionate - the pandemic effect has made me become more sensitive to the reason why people are doing their best to thrive in this season, and this has something to do with the word "EARNING"


And there I give high consideration to add up to the value of the business to allow our Fleet Partners to earn more and yet allow us to become profitable. The formula we offer delivers this part.


Through the PaaS it provides to generate income, I spotted something that makes it different through the features of earning it offers to people whom we partner allowing them to earn better.


It targets three things - Creation of Jobs, Generation of Profit, Cost Efficient Approach.

What does the future hold for your company?

Looking into the perspective of the future of the need for the service that we provide -


The need for Logistics and Outsourcing will continue to be needed and that can even grow tremendously - one main reason is this - no business will be set up without a vision to grow, the cost effective approach is the same objective outsourcing delivers.


Everything, as in everything within our body, surroundings, part of our house and everywhere we look will ALWAYS NEED LOGISTICS. This is a kind of business AI cannot replace, we can only move things from another place through this service.


Its all about keeping a good strategic formula that will make it sustainable - high passion for quality is a must. As they say - when bad experience is delivered, minimum 10 people will talk about it and duplication is faster that we could ever imagined, but as we deliver good service, yes only few people will talk about it, but its about the legacy that we will leave to the next generation!


As I end, for many people in business - they will forecast the measurement of success based on the revenue that they have generated and expansions that they have made, but I am not going to say that, rather - I would like to measure how much I have influenced the people within my organization and how much disruption our business have made that made them more thankful on the impact our business have created.



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