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Executive Interview
Aries Cheung
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Aries Cheung
Onteam Global
Managing Director

OnTeam Global is an Australian-based company that builds rewarding business partnerships by focusing on efficient and effective Business Innovation, Development and Management. OnTeam Brand is founded by our CEO Mr Anthony Harrison.
Through a collaborative approach based on mutual trust and shared goals, our success is underpinned by strategic creative intelligence and proven results. Our vision is to be leaders in making a positive impact.

An impact with the people and the businesses we partner with.

An impact through businesses we innovate, marketing messaging we initiate, brands we develop, companies we manage and the funds we generate.

We provide a one-stop shop service to our overseas clients which services include immigration, education, real estate property, business innovation, investment and entrepreneurial pathways.

We are also committed to assisting the Australian economy through our strong Australian and Hong Kong networks.

Our three cores businesses

1. Impacting Children and families with a positive message, experiences and/or product. Supporting the next generation through innovative products and messages that bring hope and help them live their best life. This will include cause campaigns connecting with Not For Profit (NFP)’s, positive products/brands

2. Health and Wellness – Bringing brands to life that impact people body/soul and spirit. Through our brands, healthy food and beverages, fitness, herbs, vitamins, messages for the spirit, heart, mind/soul

3. Our environment – Bringing innovative products to the world that have a positive impact through innovation to our environment. Protecting our environment bringing healing to the land and using natural resources to bring answers to environmental problems in the world. We created innovative products such as thermal bio-degradable packaging solutions.

The heart of our foundations is collaboration, working with others to bring about change in these ‘core areas’ and see innovative ways, products and brands with heart and meaning come into the world.

Publish Date: 
10 January 2021
Other Countries

Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

I am the Managing Director of Onteam Global and the founder of CFC International Group in Australia, established since 2009. Born in Brunei Darussalam and grew up in Hong Kong, my family migrated to Australia in 1991. I took up Australian citizenship in 1995. I was honoured and appointed as a Justice of the Peace in NSW in 2008 and I am proud to serve the Australian community. I completed a Master’s in business administration from the UK. Throughout my 30+ years of hands-on working experience in different industries, I gained valuable firsthand knowledge of the importance of high ethical standards, humility and trustworthiness. I am grateful to have had many good opportunities to learn from friendly professional co-workers and to develop respectful win-win business model with business partners. My personal motto of “Where there is a will, there is a way” had encouraged me through the years.

Our business is founded on connecting with people, with trust, respect, faith and love. As a dedicated Christian, I fully trust our Creator to guide me in the right direction, to provide our dedicated Kingdom business with harmony, peace, care, love, and support for our clients. Onteam Global is focussed on assisting talented Professionals globally to come to Australia, to help in establishing their new lives in this beautiful country. We provide a one-stop shop service to our overseas clients which services include immigration, education, real estate property, business innovation, investment and entrepreneurial pathways. We are also committed to assist the Australian economy through our strong Australian and Hong Kong networks.

With a good reputation, we secured an exclusive right to distribute in 215 countries worldwide new and innovative products based on new patented technology of our well-established business partner. We are proud of the products which have lower environmental footprint than currently available products and therefore will help in the reduction of waste in the longer term. We believe this effort will help the world to heal without compromising quality of life.

Our business continues to grow even though it has been a challenging year with Covid-19. Our Kingdom business is adapting positively to the new norms.

What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?


To create and manage much loved global brands that fulfil our Kingdom purpose.


Through the creation and management of leading trusted brands that unleash positive changes in the lives of people and our environment.


Our three business core values (1) Children and families, (2) Health and Wellness and (3) Our environment, are the heart of our foundations, to collaborate, and work with others to bring about changes in these ‘core areas’ and see innovative services, products and brands with heart and meaning come into the world.

At Onteam Global, we value our heritage, the place we originated from…heaven. As children of a loving devoted Father, we believe all are equal, all loved, adored and treasured. We place the highest value on people and relationships. To see people living in unity, forgiving and giving to one another in doing the best they can. We value families, our eternal family, one with each other, and families, all kinds, living in harmony and peace. We value children, their right for life, for an incredible future, for joy, laughter, peace, love and hope. We value health and wellness and finding new ways to heal. We value our environment, the animals, plants and all that dwell on land, sea and air.

We value a business the allows the creative to be creative. A business that allows the managers to manage. A business that allows everyone to thrive and succeed in their strengths. A business that is personable and professional.

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

With a reputation built on business with our business partners and clients, we have testimonies to evidence quality professional services. Our quality services are based on our trained and qualified professional team. We have a premium operating protocol based on Kingdom’s framework that drives a philosophy to care for everyone under us, to treat them with trust, respect, faith and love. Every member in our organization has a heart in every assignment they are given. Our friendly working environment treats everyone like a member of a family. People are given room and space for them to grow and develop, which translates to greater enthusiasm, productivity and creativity in their work. Thus, the company grows. We believe in the Godly spirit of Teamwork, which is vital to our quality of service.

Our bright future is built upon people. We care for everyone who decides to trust us and work with us. Our company’s philosophy exemplifies our drive, “We build, We Grow, We Manage, Together We Succeed”.

A healthy company and premium services will make every product work, because we care for people. People trust our brands.

We provide premium services in our immigration, education, real estate / property and business investment entrepreneurial pathways. We are committed to assisting the Australian economy to grow and we are pleased to see new migrants do well to build their new homes in Australia.

How has the industry been changing in recent years?

The world is facing a big challenge due to Covid-19 pandemic. Many enterprises had a difficult year in 2020. The economic environment in Australia was affected by the lockdown and many industries have been affected to some degree. Budget cuts, restructure and redundancies are not uncommon in order to maintain the operation of businesses.

For an enterprise to survive, the value must be added by their business. The enterprise also has to change to match with changes in the operating environment. For example: The pandemic has caused many people to work and shop from home. In-person meetings are now held by way of virtual meetings, like zoom or other online channels. Technology has helped to maintain businesses and people connections, but such technology would not have been possible without the high bandwidth broadband services and therefore organisations and households that have been building their broadband capacities in the last few years would have adjusted the best during the pandemic.

Governments have made the revival of economies a critical policy consideration. The change in the Australian immigration policy is in line with attracting Global Talents. Business owners are also welcome to invest in projects in Australia in order to contribute to the economy.

With diverse businesses in Australia, we are confident we are well placed to match with changes in demand and continue with our win-win solution.

Australia has three cities in the top 10 most liveable cities of the world, namely Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Many people dream of living in the top 10 cities in the world. Not only because of the good weather, environment, education, medical technology, culture, lifestyle but also for the safe food, water, air and abundant resources such cities have to offer. Our immigration business has not been greatly affected by recent changes. Demand has increased due to greater use of technology by more people, more information on the core values of the Company reaching more people and the uniquely beautiful country. Scientists have ranked Australia as one of the safest countries in the world. We are proud to fly the Australian flag high.

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

There are many factors that distinguish our organisation from others in the marketplace. Among the leading ones are:

  1. We are led by our Creator and our business is Kingdom business. Our business emphasise on good faith, trust, care, peace and love, and we place people first.

  2. We are led by two outstanding and experienced leaders who have strong partnership unity and high moral standards. With a strong business model that enables diverse business development relying on the spirit of God, positive growth has taken place with peace, respect, support and encouragement.

  3. Although our professional teams (Internal and external) have different skills and experiences, we are of one mind. Our organisation’s friendly workplace has created a homely atmosphere and it is easy for staff to transition between working from home and working at the office. Everyone wants to contribute to the company and see it grow and be profitable. Everyone respects and upholds the organisation’s commercially valuable information.

  4. Unique products. We provide a one-stop shop to clients. We take care of every stage of the clients’ needs and do our best for the clients to gain the best possible results. We have a wide range of good commercial connections. Our business relationships are built on our good reputation by way of word of mouth, results of our premium services and unique products.

  5. Care package. We care for every client and people who connect with us. We provide a free consultation to our clients before they engage our service. We provide good professional customer service not only during the process but after the service period. We see our clients as members of our family and we are the bridges for them to live in a beautiful country – Australia.

What does the future hold for your company?

The year 2020 was the most challenging year with the pandemic worldwide. The uncertain situation has affected many people and many businesses and industries.

As a co-leader in our Kingdom business, we see the challenge as part of the journey. Negativity destroys the foundations of businesses and therefore we stayed positive; we sought positive changes when we adjusted to unexpected demands.

2020 has been a year for our organisation to renew our vision, and we saw the importance of caring for our world. We developed additional lines of businesses that allow our business to diversify. Reviewing our past experience and being open to new methods to improve the quality of our services, we assisted our business partners and founded a new line for a win-win outcome. We expanded our business boundary internationally.

Our forecast and outlook for business growth are good. We have developed strategic marketing and business plans and deployed and designated the right people in places to resolve challenges that businesses will necessarily face.

We may still face challenges ahead, but we are confident that they will not hold us back because what we wish to build, is to position us in our Kingdom business. We worked hard, and will continue to do so, with Faith and Trust. Nothing will stop our growth because we have good people and good products.


Aries Cheung

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