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Executive Interview
Nguyen Ngoc Toan
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Nguyen Ngoc Toan
Fundoo Vietnam Jsc.
Chairman of Board

Fundoo is a spun-out startup in 2020 from Viet Hai Holding (a Venture Builder, founded in 2006). We are a group of investors, conscious entrepreneurs, experienced management, film makers, tech wizards, developing a pioneering platform that combines advanced technologies with understanding to enable people to create joy and well being in their life. We are inspired by asking questions to ourselves: "What excites me every day? What excites you, another human being, every day?". We believe that, our customers want to create meaningful connections for their joyful experiences. We all are excited to imagine our future and we, create that future together with our clients.

Publish Date: 
1 June 2021

Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

Our team used to operate production house, serving millions of audiences for a free-to-air television channels in ten years. That long time ago, we all questioned ourselves: "what if, in future, everyone owns one broadcast station?". Now we see that "future" on Social Media networks and we feel ignorance of future again for Social Media evolution. What are the needs of new "audiences", now named netizens that are unmet today? One thing that current Social Media networks cannot do for you and me is that: "inspiration", the Good, Truth and Beauty that the old media industry brought. The question now for evolution of next Media network, is to look back emotional erperiences journeys and be the inspiration sources for yourselves as for others. Have you enjoyed, the experiences right around you? And how did you share that to your beloved people? Real meaningful connection is the answer, Fundoo provide the tool for you to care about, to say thanks to, to admire the real connections with people that you cared and you have meaningful stories about them in your mind. So, connect to them, tell them, the real people who appear in your real life, by sending them the stories that you think of them, in video, pictures, in Fundoo way. We love what we do, we take care of our customers because our customers cared about their beloved people.

What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?

Fundoo vision is a world full of Joy and Laughter. We help our customers to create meaningful connections for their joyful experiences. "Adding joys to your day" is most important purpose for us. On whatever our team do, we questioned ourselves: shall this action create excitements for, or adding joy to our customers? Shall this action create the value of Love, Joy, Empathy, Trust, Liveliness and Freedom in our customers mind? Shall we be exciting for that, too? Serving our purpose, doing what we do as our own mission, is the reason answering all questions of why.

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

Do you know how many pictures, video of friends, family, colleagues, all the people that you are related to, standing next to, appear in same event, walking through in your real life? One of my friends told me that he has 20,000 items in his media box. Hugh, and even the number is stacking up more and more via Social Media, Events, Parties, ... Why don't you send them to the people who you do really care about, telling them that how you think of them via the beautiful pictures that you arranged for them? Telling them the goodness you shared with them together, and of course, the truth, they are real in your real life, not a photoshop product of your idols in your social media post. Fundoo helps you to do that, in seamless, instant way. Upload the media of people who you care, then Fundoo would do the rest for you to send them your love.


We, in Fundoo has three seperate Business Units, one PBU is focusing on as direct to consumer platform, another BOU is focusing at Corporate, SME B2B market (, helping other enterprises, organisation to create meaningful connections for them too. And the last, FOU is business unit that cultivate new event/entertainment experiences services, to be thriving right after Covid-19.

How has the industry been changing in recent years?

Our business involved in Media, Social Network, Event, Marketing, Communication and obviously Technology. All six areas changed and evolved so quick in last 18 months. We are in a chao of unpredictable future and that is where the excitements came from. We are grateful that we stay in one of Center of Excellencies for Operation, whereas many large corporates place their operation headquarter in Vietnam. We can learn from our Advisors, Mentors and from our Team members too. So far, the future reveal itself in front of comtemplation eyes, and realigning ourselves toward the future that we create is a joyful journey.

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

The excitement part of a startup is that: it does not have any competitor in the market. It creates new market to serve the unserved needs, to create new want. Gratefully Fundoo is a spun-out part of 15 years old company, who survives long enough to be expert of survival, and also young enough to be hungry for the goodness and great.

What does the future hold for your company?

Imagination about a day of our customers in future. Imagine one day you hire someone in New York, wearing special glasses, earpieces, tech gloves, etc. Those equipment are connected to a microchip that interfaces with your brain via 5G private network. You now can have the feeling as you are walking in New York, connecting to the inspired people, learning new things without flying, and entertaining yourselves as you are there. The human experience shall never be the same as today. We are happy and exciting to contribute to that future.


Nguyen Ngoc Toan

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