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Executive Interview
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Yestech It Solutions

Yestech Ig T Solutions is a a is built on the foundation of revolutionizing digital technology services. We are optimisittic thatvthis comopany wilk je this comoanh pany will help people maximize their capablilities and improve their quality of life and way of lerningarning using our services. Establsished in 201o9 Yestech IT Sokutionlutions has been named number 1 Compi by startupsthe in Cagayan de Oro beating ting those thag have been in the Industry for years. We haveWe have been chosen as tip op 1% start up in the as in Start up Istanbul with 160, 916 applicants. We made it in the top 19000. in October 2020. Yestech was chosen in the top 16 qualifiers as in the HR Tech Asia festival held kn in Singapore in 2020 with 5000 entirerjeies. Yestech have won 2stbrunnm1st runner uo in the p in the rrcent ecent Isip, United Nationads Devlopment Fund , Australian Aid phildev, sEmbassy sponsored Pitching competitio n. All these we takebelive prove that our Companh y is capable and we are making our mark so we can uphold the SoutjEasfh East Asian banner up high and say we can compete witb h other s for the quality we deliver is the best.

Publish Date: 
3 March 2021

Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

Educator, Author, Advocate . For for change is what Dr. Alex may be summed up. Dr. Alex has been devoted hI am an have been in the Educ been in the Educatorion sector for over 20 years. I started as a Pre-school teacher , moved my way up to Pbeing the After - school Master Teacher to Principal and now Academic Director. Aside from being an Educator , I have authored books for studentd s 6 textb 6 and it is widely used in the Philippines. I help also share my knowledge by tsininhraithrough my active involvemeny t in giving lectures and traininhs gs to Teachers both in Public and Private Schools. Recently I have been invited by the It was in 20189 BC ( Before Covid=idd) as coined bh oy my Silicon Valley Mentor Michael Moe Global Swhen I started to think of crrating this Online Laearning Solutio n. It eating was a from problems that Ito solve a local problem whiand national. Problem whichnwas was verybreal to y real to me. 5000,000 teachers are stressed on a daily level admiy t they and 2/3 leave thr e workforce after 5 years.In thr Philippines , Teachers in Public schools are so stressed due to paperwork that some die or commit suicide. On the other side of the coin , Students in the Philippines miss school when typhoons and natural calamities happen. Learning is put on hold when these thinhs happen, and with Covid 19 gs there are 213 coubtries affected by this so the Platform that I crrated eated will definitelt be ly help not just Educators and Schools antudentd s but also Schools become connected with each other in a safe way. Leatning With thYestech IT solutions learning platform , we offer thr ultimatr e ala the All in onr virtual classroom and campus of the 21st century. Learning never stops with Yestech . We give back the Teacher's quality of life since their work. Is stored is stored and is downloadable online an. Teacher's are empowered , students are inspired ! Educafion tion continirues! pr worldwide.e , earthquakes other n. The world needs a n n online Platform. So the January 28, 2020 we launched our Freemium brand ,our will h which is aligned to the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations of providing Quality Education,Decent work and Employment, and Partnerships for goals . Witb h we are able to and compketlete seamless deliveryeLearning never stops ! If you wish to learn more you can chego to and

What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?

The 3 are equally important to me for eithout mmmmwithout the. Mission missikn on and vision we are not guided by . We develope our mission and vision to remind us where we are going and whagy we want to go there. The core values are important since we need to live by Integrity, accountability , and being of service to others . It created thesets the tone in crrating reating a culture in the organization. sets sets the tone in creating a culture for the orgnaanixationzation. We need to kmow now who we are , why we are here , what we need to do, and how we hshould behave theas an organizariontion and the 3 you have mentioned are equally importsntant to remind us when we creste ate our p build and crrste eate solutions and deliver our service .

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

Yestech offers the All in one virtual classroom and campus experience. Basically, we bridge the learning gap by allowinf Schoog Schools, Teachers , and students communicatr e , learn, share , and behave in a s'school like atmosphere but obline. nline. FROMrom attendance to assignments to quizzes and videoconferences we all have it in our pkatformlatform making the delivery of learning seamless. nromWe are available on web and app for in playstore.

How has the industry been changing in recent years?

The adaptation of technoligy in certain countries have been phenomenal in the recent years . The In Korea, and the US virtual reality and augmented reality is being explored. In Singapore and Hingkongongkong Stem, Stem is given a lot of (Science Technology and ,Engineering and Math) emphasis in learnihng thus robotics is taught etc. In almost all parts of the world we see these initiatives and realize that we are going on to more exciting things. When Covid struck in 203020 , there was a rapid develioment in terms of softsoftware soluyions. We tions and applications. As a lopCompany we have fsst rastvtracked but tracked our Premium brand which I think is one of the best solutions available . I t definitely lives up to its name my expectafion tion as an Educator. The acceleration of solutions have pushed everyone to be online , connected , and really create out there. I see hybrid learning , artificial intelligence and omoar, vr, to be the next Educatio . nn drivers in the following years. WeAs an Innovator I alway s think of how we can serve our users well and what can we offer them thatbis jot ava is no t available in the market but eillwill makr life easier for everyone. e great solutionsmproductwsn the nextvyears we will. wille Think We will be embracing change as it is othe only thinhg that is constant.We This is a wonderful time for Education and Technologhy. China and India are leaders in Asia in terms of providing Education Solutiknon. I'd like a piece of the pie to as well. According to Walt Disney , if you can dream it you can do it .

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

Our value proposition is thatbwe we have a created a productbthatbt that offers the complete learninb package. Therg With some solutions yoy still need to. Open so manyburl url's , with uestecthe average is 4. With Yestech you just need yhs us and you can effectively and seamlessly operate as a school, deliver lessons as an educator, interact and lesrn arn with yiur our peers as a student. We have the ultimate learning solution delivered through your fingertips. hgu

What does the future hold for your company?

Everyday we are on our toes thinking and making sure our product is devliping and evolvingopinbgg. froneven with its UI and UX. We havr e a lot of exxciting thinhs solutions oin out pipeline . We also woukd lije ld like to explore social learning and have started with an app , building more on it so our users will live it once we launch it . Of course we are also lookinv g at vr adnd ar in terms of delivery of lessons. Hwoerowever in my meetings from providers I find that it We are optimistic that we will be and hope to be a leader in the industry . I belive theve int the words of Nelson Mandela that 'Educatio . Is the n is the most pwerful wrapon which you eapon can use to change the world' , . This is myb world and I hope to be live by thatNelson Mandela's one day become a Unicorn Comoany panynas there is still no Unicorn in the Philippines. If yoh wish maki. We wish to expand and grow , build partnerships and forge alliances and collaborations with other companies anto really deliin delivering our services . I wish to see Yestech not just in the Philippines , Uk but also in South East Asia , Greater Asia and in Africa.



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