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Executive Interview
Cecilia Chang
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   Executive Interviews   
An Interview with
Cecilia Chang
Splendid Living Mentorship
Managing Director

Cecilia Chang founded Splendid Living Mentorship in 2017. And its sole purpose is to empower people on their way to their financial freedom. The more right decisions people make for themselves, the better life outcome they will have. Splendid Living (SPL) is dedicated in raising the awareness of managing personal finance early, and help people make more correct financial decisions. We provide a specialized one year long 1-1 wealth coaching program as well as group coaching to help people discover their potentials in growing their personal wealth.

Publish Date: 
6 March 2021

Tell us about your background, and how you came to found your company?

I have started the Splendid Living Mentorship to advocate how easy and important it is for everyone to achieve their financial freedom which I luckily achieved at the age of 38. So far I have been enjoying my second retirement with frequent traveling around the world and doing new and interesting things I have never thought I could have. It all started as I have long been credible as the go to person whenever friends and families have investment doubts or seeking advices. I have been more than happy to help and share my more than 20 years of money mindset and global investment experiences through various investment vehicles with everyone. I have taken it as a calling to help people understand financial independence is easy to achieve and inspire them to propel towards it. I am extremely passionate about showing people how they can make money work for them so that they can also be free from financial burdens and start to enjoy life in a whole new different perspective!

My working experiences includes various roles in asset management companies from marketing, sales to research departments; to further working for a global financial information company to cultivate Taiwan, China and Hong Kong markets and then further to a regional management role. I have also held adviser roles for financial foundations and businesses. And started an asset management venture with a world famous Swiss Bank global executive. I had gained a deep insight of how the financial industry works through my extensiveexperiences. Most importantly, I have started investing for myself since I started my very first job. Through mymore than 20 years of experience investing globally through a wide spectrum of investment instruments from financial products, to real estate, commercial real estate, property development, and business investing, I haveconsolidated my past experiences and had effectively helped many professionals accelerate their wealth growth. I bring a holistic approach to help you develop the right investment mindset, establish a game plan just for you to achieve your life goals, and gaining the logic and knowledge needed of investing for you to execute your game plan successfully.

What is most important to you and your organization – mission, vision, or core values? Why?

Splendid Living Mentorship’s mission is to share and enrich professional individuals and communitties to realize the importance of managing personal finance early and build the right mindset and execute with suitable strategies. Our core value is to empower and inspire people to face their finance and motivate them to accelerate their path towards financial freedom. Other people’s method doesn’t necessary suits you and you have to learn how to make the right decisions for yourself. I have seen many friends who are high income earners yet still struggle with money, I am luck that I start early and have gained many valuable experiences and lessons to share and help people grow.

Can you explain briefly how your service(s)/product(s) works?

Splendid Living Mentorship provides coaching in various forms through private one-on-one one year signature SPL Wealth Coaching program, group classes and private consulting session. The signature SPL Wealth Coaching program is a one year, one on one, private and tailor-made program to cater to every individual’s needs. Our programs start with comprehending your past money experiences, developing money mindset fundamentals, setting up goals and strategize a plan that will work for you, and help you execute with success. We help our coachees understand their directions and suggest products and strategies for them to learn and practice in the real market with us by their side. We are always helping along the way when there’s doubts and uncertainty and also advise you through your experiences. People who participated in SPL Mentorship Programs have not only grown their wealth, and are more empowered to make their own money decisions and are more confident in all aspects of their life.

How has the industry been changing in recent years?

Wealth/money education has been a rising trend in recent years, but the quality of programs that are available in the market varies. It is very difficult for people who doesn’t have enough knowledges or experiences to tell the differences and they often encounter frustrations when they start to learn. Programs offered in the market usually only focus on one instrument eg. stock, fx etc or one technique, and try to convince that if you master this special one skill you will earn plenty. However, managing personal finance can be even more fun and rewarding, as there are many instruments and methods that can allow you to obtain the money success you like. Splendid Living Mentorship offers an objective and effective financial education that is blended in your daily life and evolve with you through different phases of your life.

What makes you different from what’s currently available in the market?

Splendid Living Mentorship provides a holistic approach to financial education, from establishing basic money mindset, setting goals and plans, to understanding key knowledges that’s suitable for various types of people in order for them to make the right decisions for themselves. SPL mentorship is not a one-method-fits-all approach, we understand everyone is different and so is their way of managing their own money. SPL coaches have abundant experiences and understanding of different methods to share with you and pinpoint options suitable for our coachees. The results we have observed are very empowering and inspiring for people who has had no idea how to start managing their own finance.

What does the future hold for your company?

Until financial education becomes part of the civil education, the need for it will continue to grow. Splendid Living Mentorship upholds its mission and core value to provide objective and proper financial education for everyone through various platforms to continue empowering people towards their path to financial freedom.


Cecilia Chang

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